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    ◆ Polymer core geomatrix composed of high density polyethylene strands woven into a .80” thick mesh. ◆ Allows moisture to seep down through any mortar droppings and exit the cavity wall through the weep holes. ◆ Used in cavity walls ranging from 1″to 1-3/4″ in width.
  2. Cavity Net DT

    Cavity Net DT is used in masonry cavity wall construction. Manufactured from high-strength nylon with a 95% open three dimensional matrix.Cavity Net DT allows air and water to flow freely. It's unique dovetail shape with continuous base suspends mortar droppings at two levels preventing mortar bridging and allows moisture to exit the wall through weeps or vents.
  3. Duration Premium Cool Shingles

    Duration® Premium Cool shingles are unique in color and have highly reflective granules. These granules bounce back the sun’s rays, helping result in: • Cooler roof temperatures • Less wear and tear on air conditioning systems • More energy savings • Lower carbon dioxide emissions • Reduced heat island effect and smog
  4. EcoTouch Insulation with PureFiber Technology-

    Owens Corning™ EcoTouch® Insulation with PureFiber® Technology is flexible insulation made in R-values from 11 to 49. EcoTouch® Insulation is available plain, or faced with either a kraft or foil vapor retarder. The product is manufactured in thicknesses from 31/2" to 14". EcoTouch® Insulation can be used in a wide range of exterior wall and roof/ceiling applications. The product can be installed in wood or metal framing cavities, or can be installed between furring strips.
  5. QuietZone Spiral Duct Liner

    QuietZone® Spiral Duct Liner enhances indoor environmental quality by absorbing noise and by lowering heat loss or gain through duct walls.
  6. QuietR Rotary Duct Liner

    QuietR® Rotary Duct Liner enhances indoor quality by absorbing noise within sheet metal ducts, and contributes to indoor comfort by lowering heat loss or gain through duct walls.
  7. PROPINK Rigid Extruded Polystyrene -XPS- Foam Insulation

    PROPINK® reinforced insulating sheathing is an extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation board with a reinforced skin laminated on both sides for extra damage control on the job-site. The product is ideal for either wood or metal framing construction, and suits a variety of exterior finishes. It is designed to withstand job-site damage with a reinforced film laminate which provides an increased level of bend-but-don’t-break strength, flexibility and puncture resistance. It is highly resistant to moisture and retains its long term R-value year after year—even after prolonged exposure to moisture and freeze/thaw cycling.
  8. FOAMULAR InsulPink-Z Extruded Polystyrene Insulation

    INSULPINK®-Z insulation is extremely lightweight for easy handling and provides a compressive strength of 15 psi, which meets the requirements of a vertical wall application. INSULPINK®-Z insulation provides an R-value of 5 per inch of product thickness, and outstanding resistance to moisture for long-term retention of the thermal performance. INSULPINK®-Z insulation is produced by Owens Corning’s patented HYDROVAC® process technology under conditions of strict quality control.

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