Increase Home Value With A Home Manual

Building a Home Manual

Buy any home appliance and you would fine that they all have one thing in common. They all come with an instruction manual. Buy a home; however, and you will quickly learn that you need to figure out how to upkeep it yourself. Isn’t it strange that we don’t get an instruction manual when we purchase our largest asset? However, a home manual is a simple tool that can increase home value.

Benefits of a Home Manual

I bought a house in May 2017 and I still haven’t figured out what tile is on my kitchen floor. Unfortunately for me, two of those floor tiles have cracked and I only have two options to fix this problem.

Option 1 is to replace all the floor tiles, since finding a matching tile would be like finding a needle in a hay stack. If I take this option, I would have a full set of nice looking floor tiles but I would surely break the bank.

Option 2, on the other hand, would be much cheaper. I would simply replace the two broken tile with the closest matching tile I can find. However, I would have to pray that the closest ‘matching’ tile I can find does not stick out as a soar thumb after installation. In addition, this may be a huge problem if I were to sell my home in the future. Who would want to buy a home with patch work on the kitchen floor? I would actually be devaluing my home in an effort to upkeep it.

Increase Home Value

Now, if I had a manual for my home, this would be a cheap and easy fix. The manual would tell me exactly what tile was on my kitchen floor and I would be able to replace the two broken tiles with a perfect match. This is why a home manual can easily increase home value. When purchasing a home it is important to both consider upfront and upkeep cost. A home manual is an essential tool for reducing the upkeep cost of any property. Commercial property owners use Building Manuals all the time.

The Product Data Company

This is yet another problem that The Product Data Company has solved. Using the Product Data Library, homeowner can easily create a home manual. I fact, this can be done in 4 simple steps:

  • Visit ProductData.Co and create a free homeowner’s account.
  • Create and name your project; example ‘Miami Beach House.’ You can create as many projects as you like.
  • Select subcategories that you would like to assign the products in your home to. For example, you may select 224000 – Plumbing Fixtures and 096000 – Flooring. These subcategories are called Spec Divisions and they allow you to group similar products in your home together. Don’t worry if you missed a Spec Division, you can always edit you project folder to add and remove Spec Divisions.
  • Browse the Product Data Library to find products you would like to use or products that are already in your home. Once you find these products, select them and use the ADD TO PROJECT button to add these products to your project.

Increase Home Value_Search Page

It really is that simple. Just imagine how easy you can increase the resale value of your home by creating a manual. New homeowners like myself would have all the information we need to properly upkeep our home. In addition, your Product Data Home Manual is digital, which makes it easy to access from your phone and you won’t have to worry about losing it.

If you’re presently building a new home, request a Product Data Home Manual from your Architect of Contractor. Years after construction, you will be able to determine if lead, asbestos, or any other harmful product were used in your home. Your manual will sure serve you and your family throughout the life of your home.

Best of all, The Product Data Company offers this service free of cost! So why wait? Create a free account today and start building your very own Product Data Home Manual. You will love your home even more for doing it.

Why does the construction industry use submittals?

Submittals are those shop drawings, product data, samples, and mock-ups to be delivered to the design professional (the architect or engineer) for review and action as required by the contract documents. Various types of submittals are part of the construction process. These include action submittals, informational submittals, those furnished as part of project closeout, and those that are considered maintenance material. An important element of the submittal process is the preparation, review, and approval of shop drawings.

The submittal process begins for the design professional during the preparation of technical specifications. Identifying the types of submittals that are required within the project manual is just the beginning of the submittal process. Master guide specifications, along with manufacturer’s specifications may enumerate a list of submittals that could be furnished for each division of work. It is the responsibility of the design professional to review that list of potentially required submittals to determine those germane to the specific project. It is important to evaluate which submittals are necessary and appropriate to ensure sufficient coordination during construction.

As a project enters the construction phase, the responsibility for processing shop drawings and other submittals is often delegated to a junior associate as an administrative function. This important review process should be managed by someone familiar with the project and also knowledgeable of the type of construction for which submittals may be reviewed.

If professional design services or certifications by a design professional related to systems, materials or equipment are specifically required of the Contractor by the Contract Documents, the Owner and the Architect will specify all performance and design criteria that such services must satisfy. The Contractor shall cause such services or certifications to be provided by a properly licensed design professional, whose signature and seal shall appear on all drawings, calculations, specifications, certifications, Shop Drawings, and other submittals prepared by such professional.

Shop Drawings and other submittals related to the Work designed or certified by such professional, if prepared by others, shall bear such professional’s written approval when submitted to the Architect. The Owner and the Architect shall be entitled to rely upon the adequacy, accuracy, and completeness of the services, certifications and approvals performed or provided by such design professionals, provided the Owner and Architect have specified to the Contractor all performance and design criteria that such services must satisfy.

6 things which you discover with Product Data Application

The Product Data Company (PD), we believe work should be fun. Using the core principles of Lean (waste elimination & respect for partners), we took on the challenge to simplify both large commercial construction projects as well as small homeowner renovations. What resulted was the formation of a revolutionary product library that currently serves manufacturers, contractors, subcontractors, design team members, and homeowners.


Create Project Folders, assign products by projects, and group products by CSI Specifications.


A simple generate submittals button allow users to create PDF Submittals Packages.


Send Project Invitations to friends and coworkers.


Exploring the PD Database allow users to find products for new applications.


Allow or restrict invitees from making changes to your Projects.


Send questions to manufacturers to learn more about their products.

Product data is the Best platform to get Building Materials, Submittals and Architecture Designs.

At The Product Data Company (PD), we believe work should be fun. Using the core principles of Lean (waste elimination & respect for partners), we took on the challenge to simplify both large commercial construction projects as well as small homeowner renovations. What resulted was the formation of a revolutionary product library that currently serves manufacturers, contractors, subcontractors, design team members, and homeowners.

We strive to be the first resource used when planning any project. However, the free services we provide remain an asset to our users, decades after project completion. The PD Library contains product/submittal data sheets, photo galleries, product safety data sheets, warranty information, and the largest industry-driven resource of product videos. With all this information at your fingertips, you’ll surely notice what PD is doing to move the construction industry forward.

Whether you’re a manufacturer seeking to engage customers, an architect researching building materials, or a homeowner planning for that overdue remodel – create a free account today and make your project fun. You can even call it work if you like…


A wise man once said, “there are only two ways to increase profit. The first, increase income – and the second, reduce expenses. And if you can find someone who can do both simultaneously, please let me know.”

Well wise man, we couldn’t find someone – so we built him. Manufacturers of construction products can use the PD Library to advertise their products for free. You heard us right, FREE!!! Each manufacturer is given 200 MB of free space to advertise their products. Manufacturers can upload product brochures, installation instructions, CSI Specs, photos, videos, CAD/BIM files, etc. It’s up to you to upload the content that will best serve your customers. No games. It really is that simple. And if needed, the option to purchase more space for product files is available.

Once you become a PD Member – architect, engineers, contractors, and homeowners will all be able to contact you and learn even more about your products. Submit a membership request today and see how The Product Data Company can increase your product visibility and lower your marketing costs.

Architects & Contractors

The journey to create the PD Library required extensive collaboration between members of both the Design and Construction Teams. Consequently, the PD Library offers a set of features that greatly benefit all project stakeholders. Using the PD Library, architects and contractors can create project folders and assign products (from the Library) to their projects. PD also allows users to share project folders, research new products, and to expedite the submittal packaging and review process.

All these services are, of course, free to all members of the design and construction teams. Create a free account today and see how The Product Data Company is improving the way we design and build.


One of our biggest criteria for measuring success is ease of use to the average homeowner. PD provides homeowners with the information they need to build, renovate, and even upkeep their homes. Accounts are completely free to all home owners and can be used to catalog new products for a dream house or for simply finding the maintenance manual for a kitchen appliance. Create a free account today and see how much fun your next project can be. Did I mention that it can also increase home value.