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Why product data

1 - Increase Product Visibility And Product Sales

- Generate Leads
- An addition to social media
- SEO made easy
- Get Specified

2 - Filling The Social Media Gap

- Get the word out faster
- wider variety of media to share
- A system that works
- Not being everything to everyone
- Everything in one place

3 - Easy To Use

- Manage your account yourself
- Easy to use features
- Our team is here to support

4 - Build By Construction Professionals

- COVID-19 and virtual show rooms
- We understand the problem
- The modern workplace

5 - Free Trial

- Save money by signing up for 1 free GB of advertising space
- Easy registration
- Nothing to lose
- Scale your plan to fit your business needs


Only through teamwork, are the best results achieved. With this core belief, The Product Data Company is committed to developing new ways to leverage the power of teamwork.

Architects and Contractors can create free accounts, browse through the database to select products for their jobs, and create submittals with the click of a button. With your free account, you can also send product-related questions directly to the Product Manufacturer and invite friends to collaborate on your projects.


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